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I just returned from the World Economic Forum Annual General Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. It is the first of several, international thought leadership forums in 2015, which gathers the public and private sector, and civil society, to address the great challenges and opportunities ahead. Again this year we saw some of our clients make real impact and break through the global news clutter.

If you are really going to shape the global agenda and be heard, you need to have very clear messages, meetings confirmed in advance with the right stakeholders and the media. In short, these 3Ms should guide you before you research and commit to where you will spend your time in 2015:

  1. Messages: Before writing your speech or speaking to the media, you need to be certain of your ambition and direction. What do you want people to remember you for? To move people, your messages and story need to be clear. People sign up to the why and the benefits, not to the features. And be sure that you compliment it all with personal stories.
  2. Meetings: Firstly which global forums will you be attending this year to ensure that your messages are heard? Leidar has built a proprietary database of the most influential forums. The global thought leadership forums build alliances. All meetings require in-depth preparation and understanding of your stakeholders’ value proposition. What problem can you help them solve? Perhaps you should also consider hosting a side event that gathers all your key stakeholders in a room to address a key challenge that is not on the event’s agenda? Building alliances will help show your citizenship.
  3. Media: By engaging with media interviews, in advance, during and after the event you will set the agenda and differentiate yourself. By practicing your messages and stories, your thought leadership agenda will be clear. Pitching to the media in advance, about your insights and how you differentiate, will help position you. Interviews the night before the event frequently helps influence the conversations in the upcoming days. The media helps the story travel far and wide through both traditional and social media.

Drop me a note on if you want to discuss the most important global thought leadership forums for 2015, how to efficiently leverage global forums and what you can do to help build your legacy in the year to come.

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