About Leidar

Leidar was launched in 2010 based on a simple mission: to help leaders navigate the many issues and challenges in today’s world. Using high-impact communications and leadership strategies, we help our clients set new directions, identify and steer away from trouble spots and stay on course for success.

Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual team has a breadth of international experience that gives Leidar a uniquely global mind-set. Our deep experience also brings with it the expertise, knowledge and judgement we have gained through many years of working as part of, and alongside, some of the world’s leading organisations, universities and individuals.

Our expertise across the entire spectrum of communications disciplines enables us to design, plan, implement and manage large projects and complete communications solutions for our clients, quickly and effectively.

Our name, vision and mission

The star in our logo represents the North Star that the Vikings used to navigate their ships. The Vikings called it the Leidar star. In 1300, the first reference of the compass was made in Hauk’s Landnámabók. The Vikings called the compass the “leidarsteinn” (the Leidar stone).

Leidar was used to navigate both the sea and the stars. Leidar is cognate with Scots “leidar”, Dutch “leider”, German “leiter”, and Icelandic “leiðari“ – and is thus believed to be one of the origins of the English word “leader”.

We have a simple vision: “Help clients realise their North Star.”  We cannot imagine anything more exciting than clarifying the meaning of going to work everyday.

Our mission is, “to help our clients set their course, navigate the increasingly complex world and communicate effectively with their stakeholders”.  Our products and services are organised within this clear mission of what we brand as “Leadership Navigation”; set the course; navigate and communicate.

Our values: Optimism, Collaboration and Quality

Blaze new trails. Expect success. Always focus on solutions. Have a streak of unorthodoxy in exploring new responses to challenges and pursuing new ways and alliances in volatile times.

Harness the power of the team. Many brains are better than one. Strive to work as an extension of the client’s team. Support the success of others. Listen actively and respect all perspectives. Disagree openly.

Always do the best thing. Never compromise on excellence. A promise is a promise. Only accept excellent work and the highest standards of behaviour. Have pride in delivery. Take ownership, be responsive and accountable.

As we developed Leidar, we took some joy and inspiration in understanding the Viking age and how we could learn from these great navigators of ancient times.

Read more here about the spirit that we treasure from the Viking age>

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