Dubai – the gateway to the Middle East

Dubai is the dynamic, pro-business gateway to the Middle East, a market of 350 million consumers, and the regional hub for some of the world’s biggest corporations operating in every facet of the economy; from the traditional industry sectors of aviation, aerospace, transportation, travel & tourism, oil & gas, real estate, retail, healthcare, finance, media and trade to today’s cutting edge growth drivers of the sharing economy, artificial intelligence, e- commerce, e-government, blockchain, robotics, drones and space economics, Dubai is a global innovation leader, a smart city of limitless potential and boundless ambition.

Together with neighbouring Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and a globally acclaimed energy leader and sustainability advocate, they form a prolific axis of knowledge economies where innovation and profoundly diverse human talent abound.

Corporations, brands as well as organisations operating in such a fast-moving, standards-setting and sophisticated landscape need a compass to help them become relevant, acquire a meaningful purpose and have a voice in one of the world’s fastest-paced, innovation-driven economies.

Our presence in Dubai complements Leidar’s strategic network of international hubs in Geneva, Brussels, London and Oslo, helping clients in Europe and the Middle East sustainably engage with stakeholders and extract maximum value across key geographies.