Influence in Brussels – think and practice advocacy!


Brussels is not only the home of the EU institutions and the centre of the world’s most advanced regulation. It is one of the few places – like Geneva – where the narrative addressing global issues is created and shaped.

Over 42,000 civil servants, advisors and politicians in Brussels enact legislation, enforce European law, negotiate trade agreements and distribute budgets both inside and outside Europe.

An estimated 30,000 lobbyists, representing regions, trade associations, corporations, think-tanks and NGOs, engage with the EU institutions – and with each other.

Decisions prepared and taken in Brussels determine approaches to healthcare, energy, environment, finance, transport and technology – to name a few – both in Europe and across the world.

That’s why international businesses, organisations and associations start to take a more holistic approach to engaging with stakeholders and influencing decision making processes. And that means looking beyond just influencing Brussels’ institutions. It means using advocacy with its campaign approach that involves stakeholders internationally.

We can add another 1,200 international, Brussels-based journalists reporting about increasingly complex issues. It becomes very clear that cutting through the clutter is not so much a matter of personal relationships. Instead, it requires compelling messages, clear stories, effective alliances and modern means of communications. It is about developing and shaping the same discourse across diverse audiences. Are you fully prepared to not only be heard but understood and supported?