Digital engagement


Leidar’s approach to developing social and digital media strategies is based on our seven stages:

  1. Reviewing: Reviewing your organisation’s existing role in the social and digital landscape is essential in planning your strategy. Before embarking on a new path, we analyse your existing processes and define a new set of guidelines.
  2. Listening: We help you see what your stakeholders are talking about, providing the parameters for your engagement. Leidar works with a wide array of social media management tools and we know how to use them effectively.
  3. Voicing: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tone of voice on social and digital media. We evaluate your organisation’s idiosyncrasies to help you develop a social media tone of voice to suit your business objectives and other communications. We call it voicing.
  4. Creating: We know the quirks of each channel and how your story is best communicated on each one. On that basis, we create effective copy and visual content.
  5. Training: The most effective engagement comes when your employees take part. We coach professionals of all levels, using one-to-one or larger group sessions, to make sure your employees become social brand advocates to unleash the potential of your organisation.
  6. Engaging: Starting conversations and choosing the right ones to take part in can help your organisation grow. It also helps in times of crisis, when an absence of engagement can be highly detrimental. We help you discover the delicate balance between reactive and proactive communication to enhance your brand and minimise reputational damage.
  7. Measuring: It’s vital to understand the impact your social and digital media engagement has on your business. Using tailored KPIs, our regular and transparent reporting shows you exactly what benefits are coming from where. Our unique approach to measurement makes sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.