Insights and research


Our main services include:

Thought leadership counsel

Using our broad range of research techniques, we can define a company’s brand essence and determine the most effective ways to enhance its corporate reputation. We do so by putting an organisation under the microscope, thoroughly analysing its competitive landscape and the environment in which its stakeholders operate. Ultimately, we find a unique positioning that enables a company to shape the global agenda and gain maximum benefit from its thought leadership transformation.

External research and review services

Looking at an organisation from the outside in.

We know that an organisation can only be totally strong if it has total knowledge of its external landscape. It’s busy out there and we help companies understand the agendas of customers, competitors and stakeholders. Our research expertise means we can filter through the noise and arm organisations with the external knowledge they need to optimise their own operations. Our services include:

  • Competitive review – analysing the methods and efficacy of competitors’ communications and suggesting strategy adjustments based on the results.
  • Brand reputation review – helping an organisation review its communications performance.

Organisational research and review services

Looking at an organisation from the inside out.

We also know that internal alignment is a key ingredient for any company looking to maximise its organisational strength. To that end, we help companies benefit from total internal alignment by offering:

  • Internal surveys to analyse communications’ performance.
  • Focus groups aimed at strengthening internal objectives.
  • Alignment workshops which establish internal communications processes

Internal insights

Demonstrating internal wisdom to influence an external audience.

No one has better knowledge of an industry or practice than those who work in it, day in, day out. We know the best way to develop that knowledge and present it to external audiences. Whether it’s aimed at clients or other external stakeholders, we know the best way to communicate insights to the people that care. We have helped develop:

  • Issue mapping and monitoring.
  • White papers and research reports.
  • Positioning papers.

Measurement and evaluation

Concrete results demonstrate concrete value.

We define relevant frameworks and deliver on-going evaluation of communications performance across traditional and social channels, so companies can see what bang they’re getting for their buck. We do so by:

  • Defining organizational KPIs and targets.
  • Selecting the most appropriate measurement and monitoring tools.
  • Evaluating performance and reporting results.

Ad hoc research services

Leidar Insights can assist in ad-hoc research projects for organisations to get the most from any communications activity. Whether it’s background material for a conference, a CEO briefing, or just background information for a news release, Leidar Insights can conduct time-efficient analysis, and deliver valuable and digestible recommendations.