Communicating is one of the most high pressure aspects of a crisis response. Your response needs to be communicated internally and/or externally, and everyone involved in a crisis response is in some way responsible for engaging with stakeholders.

Whether it’s ensuring that your communications team have what they need and know what to say, preparing your CFO to speak to investors, or getting your CEO ready for a media interview, ensuring your people are prepared is the key to effective crisis communication.

We can help you prepare for and communicate around crises, issues, and organisational change in your local language:

  • Media training – prepare your spokespeople to deliver messages effectively, and with authority. All training is tailored to the participant, and can cover TV, Radio, and print media interviews, as well as media briefings and press conferences.
  • Change communications – map stakeholders, and develop tailored communication strategies to mitigate the impact of change on your organisation.
  • Live communications support (24/7 on-call service) – we act as an add-on to your communications team in a time of crisis, providing support across press office, media response, social media, internal communications and strategic functions, as required.
  • Crisis communication strategy  helping you set your course, and navigate a crisis situation to protect your reputation.
  • Crisis communication plans and processes – ensure your communications function is well organised to respond to a crisis – know who is required, and what they need to do.
  • Crisis communication playbooks – pre-prepared communications materials to ensure your team has what they need, when they need it – including Q&A, key messages and briefing materials on the most serious and most likely scenarios.
  • ‘Dark site’ – to deploy quickly when a crisis hits.
  • Crisis communication exercises  media and social media simulations to allow teams to rehearse their communications response.


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