The idea of facing a crisis can be intimidating. Ensuring that your people are familiar with your organisation’s plans and processes, and giving them a chance to practice their response, is vital to ensuring your organisation is crisis ready.

To familiarise your team with how it feels to face a crisis, we run tailored, in-depth training sessions suitable for your Crisis Management Team, Crisis Communication Team, or functional teams (eg. HR). These are often coupled with crisis exercises, allowing your team the chance to rehearse their crisis response in a realistic, but contained, environment:

  • Crisis Management Training – to familiarise Crisis Management Team members, senior leaders, managers, and other staff with crisis best practice, your plans and processes, and their individual and team roles in a crisis. This training is tailored to the needs of the participants, pitched at the right level to convey the right information.
  • Desktop exercises – a scenario based discussion, allowing participants to walk through their crisis response in a controlled setting. Desktop exercises are suitable for single teams, or multiple teams practicing the same scenario.
  • Simulation exercises – we create a realistic-feeling crisis situation based on a credible scenario, using crisis actors, journalists and a social media simulator to bring the situation to life. Participants react to events in real-time, and undertake actions as they would in a real situation. The scenario is adapted as participants engage with the exercise to ensure that it remains challenging, and that learning objectives are met. Simulation exercises are suitable for single teams, or multiple teams practicing together in the same location, or remotely.
  • Process walkthrough – a simple walkthrough of a particular process or role (eg. Mobilisation test, logkeeper role etc.), to familiarise individuals and teams with their role in a crisis.
  • Crisis media training – aimed at anyone who may be called upon to engage with the media. The training includes message development, techniques for sticking to your messaging (Acknowledge, Bridge, Continue), one-to-one interviews, and press conferences. Participants will practice their interview technique as if with real journalists.
  • Crisis leadership training – generally run as one-to-one/small group sessions, this training introduces leaders to the challenges of leading a team during a crisis. Grounded in psychology, we teach how to approach and manage the intensity and stress of a crisis situation. This training is perfect as a supplementary training for the CEO, the crisis Management team leader, the crisis communications Team Leader, and those leading other functional or geographical teams.


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