Communicating effectively around ongoing litigation is more important than ever in this fast paced world of social media and 24 hour news.

Court cases can drag on for years, hitting the headlines again and again as each new development is revealed – damaging your reputation, and impacting relationships with key stakeholders.

With our in-house legal expertise, we can support you to understand, pre-empt and put in place a strategy to manage challenging litigation:

  • Issues and stakeholder mapping – litigation isn’t just plaintiff versus defendant. Ensure you know the whole playing field, and understand potential issues which could arise.
  • Litigation strategy – the lifecycle of litigation is long, so knowing who should you be talking to, what should you be saying, and at what stage you should be saying it is vital. We help you put a strategy in place, grounding communications, preparing for, and reacting to events.
  • Communications materials – be ready for any revelation or verdict, with statements, media and stakeholder lists, and other communications materials prepared in advance.


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