Crisis & Issues Management


Crisis and issues management

We help organisations around the world prepare for, manage, and communicate around crises – to protect their people, assets and reputation.

“A foolish man thinks he knows everything while he sits by his hearth at home; but he knows not what to answer if he is put to the test”

– Viking proverb

Crisis Preparedness

Ensure your organisation is prepared for a crisis, with the right plans, processes, and tools in place.

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Training & Crisis Exercises

Facing a crisis is daunting – ensure your people know what they will face, and have a chance to practice their response.

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Crisis Prevention

Stop a potential crisis reaching crisis stage – Understand, map, and break down potential issues and risks.

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Crisis Communication

In the fast-paced world of social media & 24hr news, it pays to be prepared. Ensure your communicators have the materials they need to react quickly.

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Litigation Communications

Reputation isn’t dependent on the rule of law – you may win in court, but still suffer in the court of public opinion. Communicating effectively around ongoing ligation is vital.

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Post-Crisis Review

Learn from past crises – understand what went well and areas for improvement, and update plans, processes and training to enhance your future response.

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When a crisis hits, we act fast. We offer a round the clock crisis response via our 24/7 phone service – always on hand to provide strategy advice and support. We can help however you need – whether advice by phone, someone to join your crisis management team, or communications support.

  • Strategy – What actions do you need to take, and how should you talk about them? We can provide senior strategic counsel for your leaders, and communications/media strategy support to your communicators
  • Press office – We can provide additional staff to join your press office as media responders
  • Spokesperson – We can act as your spokesperson for press conferences and media interviews
  • Social media – In a crisis, social media becomes vital – as a tool to communicate your position, and as a way for stakeholders to engage with you. We can help you plan and execute your social media response.
  • Content Development – We can prepare materials – messages, Q&A, press releases, statements, speeches etc.

Global serviceInternational reach, local understanding

We provide a global service, with teams in Switzerland, Norway, the UK, and Brussels, and affiliates in the US, MENA and APAC.


Experience Experts

Experienced experts

We have supported companies, governments and international organisations all over the world, to enhance their crisis preparedness, and improve their crisis response.


Unique tools

We deploy our Netnograph tool to map, measure, and understand the stakeholder landscape throughout the crisis lifecycle.


Multilingual team

Able to deliver training, exercises and support in English, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and Polish.



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