Measure your digital pulse: are you a Minimalist, a Storyteller or a Pioneer?

Everyone talks about social media and digital engagement. Almost all companies and organisations have a social media presence and most of them consequently spend resources on managing their digital footprint. However, many studies show that the majority of these investments don’t yield the expected returns. Why is that so and how do you get the best ROI from your digital spending?

We looked at leading Geneva-based organisations and companies and compared their digital strategies. Unsurprisingly, almost all companies have a presence and are “out there”. Yet not many seem to be leading the dialogue and effectively engaging with their audiences. Part of the issue lies in strategies which are purely driven by reach and impression and which look at success from a purely quantitative standpoint. The other key aspect is organisational readiness to engage.

Our analysis reveals three distinct organisational patterns of social media engagement. We called these archetypes a Minimalist, a Storyteller and a Pioneer. They all describe distinct behavioural patterns that drive strategies and engagement.



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