Leaders of any organisation may find themselves in the spotlight without being prepared. Leidar provides executives and communications professionals with the coaching, knowledge, skills and tools they need to enhance their leadership and communication capabilities.

Our trainers are subject matter experts with extensive C-suite experience, who train executives and lecture at leading international universities. We deliver online and in-person sessions that participants can implement immediately within their organisations.


Advocacy and public affairs training

We design advocacy and public affairs training to help organisations shape their influencing strategies and agendas.

Key learning outcomes

  • Awareness of the value of advocacy for organisational success
  • Understanding of the operating landscape
  • Knowledge of the socio-economic trends impacting the organisation
  • Stakeholder mapping and management
  • Development of the unique engagement point for advocacy
  • Building of resilient and agile advocacy strategies
  • Design of measurement and evaluation frameworks


Social media training

We cover social media best practice and explore the latest trends and tools, keeping our clients at the forefront of digital engagement and online reputation management.

Key learning outcomes

  • Awareness of the importance of social media channels
  • Understanding the value related to digital engagement
  • In-depth knowledge of the reputational risks associated with social media
  • Grasp of the channels and best practices in audience engagement
  • Building effective social media strategies
  • Development of social media measurement and evaluation frameworks
  • Knowledge of paid social media amplification tools and solutions


Crisis communications training

We run tailored, in-depth training sessions and crisis exercises, allowing your team the chance to rehearse their crisis response in a realistic, but contained, environment.

Key learning outcomes

  • Awareness of the crisis and reputational risks of an organisation
  • Knowledge of the crisis response protocol
  • Understanding of the life-cycle of a crisis and ways to manage crisis effectively
  • Empowerment of the communications team to manage crises effectively


Media training

We explore why storytellers are successful as leaders and shapers, going beyond traditional storytelling to explore the 4Cs of effective communication – Create, Catch, Connect and Convince.

Key learning outcomes

  • Using stories as an element of powerful communications
  • Developing and telling effective stories
  • Thinking about content in a strategic fashion
  • Delivering effective presentations
  • Being prepared for media interviews


Executive training and coaching

We focus our coaching on delivering the highest impact for both individuals and the organisations they represent. Our coaching can either be done over several days in a short time span or on a regular basis, using whichever platform suits you best.

Key learning outcomes

  • Understanding of interview and influencing techniques
  • Knowledge of how to set the media agenda and develop a narrative
  • Grasp of how to identify pitfalls and subjects to avoid
  • Enhanced ability to deliver effective and engaging presentations


Our team of specialists is primed to train you on all things digital, so you develop the tools you need to succeed in the digital sphere. Contact Lukasz Bochenek to learn more about how our courses can help you.


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