Marketeers and communicators love numbers. The bigger the numbers, the more impressive the reports. Cut budgets and increased pressure to deliver results require digital strategies to improve performance. However, the quest towards big numbers makes many companies lose their sense of strategic purpose.

Optimisation, cross-channel synergies, shortening of the sales funnel – all these concepts define current approaches to digital engagement. They reduce consumers to a set of behavioural patterns defined by big data analytics. While these strategies can be effective, they often miss the mark of long-term relationship building and advocacy. Relationships become commoditised and so do brands.

But there’s also another side of digital engagement. 

Digital and social media allow brands to build direct relationships with their customers and stakeholders like never before. 

We decoupled the concept of empathy and looked into the emotional aspect of digital engagement. In our study, led by Alan Yeboah, we explore how brands can harness the four components of digital empathy to build long-term, trusting relationships with the people they serve.

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Digital Empathy Study

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