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The next World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will be in Davos, 21-24 January 2020.

Fifty years ago the World Economic Forum was established committed to improving the state of the world.  The 2019 global risk report shows an increasing concern not for the economy, but for ecology. This risk picture, the widening lens (recommended reading Wide Lens by Ron Adner) of even the CEO Roundtable in August 2019 calling for a move from the shareholders to more stakeholders, indicate an increasing recognition that change is underway.

Since the launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, companies, governments and civil society have looked at the 17 goals and the 244 indicators, how they can be applied to the current activities and what they mean. We now have 10 years left until the SDGs are to be achieved. We need to move from conversations to change. The SDGs need to be used to innovate business models, not keep them as is.

Leidar has supported a range of companies and executives at the World Economic Forum for close to 10 years and this year, as last year, we will also be supporting the SDG Tent in Davos with communications.

If you are going to Davos for the first time, want to get more out of your attendance, or engage with the media, get in touch with Ingrid Helsingen Warner.

Read more about the Annual Meeting program here.

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Photo: Former US Vice President Al Gore speaking at The Nature Action Agenda event in the SDG Tent in Davos, January 2019. Credit: Callum McCall, Leidar.

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