The World Economic Forum has hired Arne Cartridge as a new team member to lead the development of global partnerships for food security, in collaboration with the UN Secretary-General’s office and the New Vision for Agriculture team.

Arne joined the World Economic Forum and the New Vision for Agriculture team May 1, as Special Advisor, Global Partnerships for Food Security.

WEF is highlighting Arne’s many years of experience in both business leadership and building multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable agricultural development (in particular through the African Green Revolution Forum) stressing that they will be great assets in building and shaping a new level of partnership between the private sector and international organisations to improve food security, drawing from the New Vision frameworks which he knows well.

I am delighted for Arne and for everyone who will be touched by his work in this very important space. I have the entire LEIDAR team with me as I personally thank him for his contribution  in shaping the Leidar brand and offer. He has now stepped out of the Leidar family to practice both leadership and navigation on the global scene, but we will welcome him as a guest lecturer on our executive education programs at the Graduate Institute.

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