The global media landscape provides new ways and places for thought leaders to tell their stories. In November, the Financial Times announced that they would focus immediate news headlines online and increased commentary in print. Here are two news observations from the first weeks of January:

  1. A new online publication will tell world leaders’ stories: 22 January The Huffington Post will launch the World Post at the World Economic Forum. The digital publication will include first person contributions, kicking off with China’s president Xi Jinping, Dalai Lama, American cellist Yo-Yo Ma. It will also have original reportage and reader contributions. The editorial board includes Google’s Eric Schmidt and Walter Isaacson (famous for his biographies, including his latest one on Steve Jobs and CEO of the Aspen Institute).
  2. The New York Times launches sponsored stories: The New York Times posts sponsored articles and videos on their relaunched website. The sponsored stories link to other New York Times articles that the advertiser thinks the reader may like. At the bottom of the sponsored story, a selection of other sponsored content is available. These promotions blur the lines between editorial and advertising, though the newsroom is not part of the creation. The concept is neither new nor original – sponsors have televised infomercials for years – but The New York Times approach seems less commercial than television. Hopefully it will be more informative. 
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