With a bright North Star, you can navigate the best course to  suit stakeholder interests in an increasingly complex media arena and landscape. A strong story, distinct design and thought leadership can drive advocacy and create a competitive advantage.

Thought leadership

There are growing societal demands on business. Companies and their top executives are expected to actively address global issues while contributing to local communities. At the same time, they need to enhance their own competitiveness and performance. We help clients identify the right space and optimise their thought leadership potential. We have been part of shaping businesses and major global initiatives so we know how to create engagement strategies at local, regional and global levels.



A good story creates emotional engagement. In turn this connection will lead to opinions and actions. Connecting with people emotionally is essential to achieving traction in advocacy and therefore driving action. At the same time, stories are the best way to break through the communication clutter and get people´s real attention. In today’s social and busy communication society we are fed information all the time – only the extraordinary stories cause us to stop and reflect. We work with storytelling at several levels. We seek the big story that creates history. We create processes and activities for story mining. We then bring stories out in all the right channels. And finally, we train leaders to become storytellers, so they can use stories as a powerful tool in their leadership and communications.


The times of lobbying behind closed doors and traditional ways of influencing political decisions are definitely gone. Now, you can use the power of international advocacy to set the global agenda, achieve positive public policy outcomes, access new funding resources or develop strategic partnerships to tackle global issues. Digital media and transparency have redefined the rules of engagement.

To help you navigate the complex and different spheres of influence, Leidar has offices in Geneva, Brussels and London – for their importance as international political, regulatory, media and financial hubs.

Crisis and issues management

A badly-managed crisis can destroy an organisation’s reputation overnight. We help clients prevent, prepare for, respond to, and communicate around crises. This includes developing crisis management plans and processes, training leaders and teams on procedures and best practice, and helping to identify and mitigate issues and risks. We design, develop and run realistic crisis exercises – including desktop and full simulation exercises – to give teams a chance to rehearse their response. Over the past five years we have run simulations for multiple clients around the world, and have trained more than 1000 people in crisis management and communications. We have also helped multiple clients manage real-time crisis situations via our 24/7 crisis hotline.

Communication training

Many leaders find themselves in the spotlight without being prepared. Leidar provides executives and senior professionals with coaching, knowledge, skills and tools to enhance their international leadership and communication skills. Our trainers are subject matter experts with CEO experience, who train executives and lecture at leading international universities. We deliver relevant and actionable training that participants can implement immediately in their organizations.

All training programmes can be tailored according to the needs of participants.

Since 2011 Leidar and the Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development in Geneva have partnered to combine experience and education in a degree-granting programme: Executive Certificate Advocacy in International Affairs.