Goodbye lobbying, hello advocacy

With the arrival of social media and digital communications, the process of influencing global affairs has become much more open. In order to maximise your international influence and accomplish your organisational goals, we suggest taking a number of emerging trends into account:

  • The growing complexity of issues in an interconnected world leaves no space for improvisation;
  • The multiplication of actors, influencers and decision-makers requires a multi-stakeholder advocacy strategy;
  • The recognition of International Geneva’s influence on policy and regulatory initiatives at regional and national level;
  • The understanding that alliances and partnerships increase the potential for successful outcomes;
  • The acceptance that Corporate Social Responsibility should lean towards value creation for all actors involved;
  • The adoption of digital engagement as an essential stakeholder engagement tool;
  • The integration of visual content and story-telling in all communications to bring compelling messages across.

Leidar’s services are heavily focused on measurable outcomes.

Leidar has successfully developed and executed comprehensive advocacy and stakeholder engagement strategies for NGOs, corporations and organisations in Geneva, Brussels and London. Please call us for references.