A good story makes people stop and reflect.  Stories are the most effective way to connect with people and get their attention.  Leaders who are storytellers engage people and get followers.

Leidar help clients and find their stories.  We also help people become better storytellers through our communication training.

The best way to support a storytelling organisation is to create a storybook that can easily be updated and will become a useful reference tool for all company spokespeople and executives.

A storybook should:

  • Bring the company story to life
  • Create a strong unique corporate story
  • Present compelling and relevant business unit stories consistent with the corporate story.

Sometimes we combine story development with story essays writers training. We use exercises and camera to bring out and document the ideas and input from the participants. This makes the training very real and beneficial for participants, while at the same time allowing us to document stories both at corporate and business unit level.

The training seeks to understand the power of stories and storytelling. We explore why storytellers are successful as leaders and shapers. We aim to make the entire workshop entertaining and engaging. We go beyond traditional storytelling by looking at the 4Cs of effective communications:  Create, Catch, Connect and Convince.