The EU sets the standard for global regulation and policy. Every global company and organisation needs to follow what’s happening in Brussels.

What we do

Leidar’s Brussels team supports leading international organisations, companies, trade associations, and civil society representation, to advocate effectively around EU, global policy, and regulatory developments and debates.

We provide a well-balanced blend of advocacy professionals, campaigning specialists, political and regulatory experts as well as researchers, drawing on the full spectrum of communication tools. We deliver engagement strategies that leverage our unique Brussels-Geneva-London triangle of influence, and globally through our strategic partners.

Our strategic know-how, sound analyses and understanding of the intersection of business, society and politics are all delivered in a compelling and creative way, going beyond the usual box-ticking exercises for clients. We understand that if the facts and technical arguments are not supported by strong political messages and packaged in a tailored and convincing narrative, they will not resonate with decision-makers and have the necessary impact.

Leidar’s proprietary strategy development methodologies, combined with our digital stakeholder mapping and engagement tools, form the basis for impactful bespoke campaigns that deliver measurable outcomes and achieve defined objectives for our clients.

Key Contact

Lukasz Bochenek

Phone +41 79 746 18 73

Rue Armand Campenhout 72 bte 10
1050 Brussels