Geneva is the world’s second largest UN location, after New York, making it the focal point for international policy-making and advocacy. There are 36 international organisations dealing with human rights, telecommunications, trade, public health, development, sustainability or labour relations, setting the frameworks for policies, standards and legislation around the world, alongside 200 diplomatic missions.

What we do

Over 300 NGOs and multi-stakeholder platforms based in Geneva seek funding to carry out their programmes and advocacy activities to ultimately influence global discourse. And all of these interactions shape the environment in which businesses and organisations operate.

Leidar is an insider in International Geneva, with far-reaching relationships within academic institutions, strong connections to major UN institutions, long-standing work with the World Economic Forum and other major international organisations and companies.

International advocacy often starts in Geneva and Leidar is at the heart of it.

Our team of strategy experts, policy consultants, researchers and writers work together to help our clients cut through the all the noise to ensure they have the right impact with their target audiences.

Key Contact

Lukasz Bochenek

Phone +41 79 746 18 73

Rue Ami-Lévrier 15
1201 Geneva