The UK is one of the world’s biggest economies and London is the leading financial hub and media centre, despite the continuing uncertainty caused by Brexit.

What we do

The Leidar team, made up of strategists, writers and designers, works with companies and organisations to target audiences in the UK, Europe and the world. Our range of clients includes international organisations leading their industry, educational institutions, trade bodies, membership organisations, disruptive start-ups, and organisations seeking to influence policy-making at all levels.

We also work in cross-office teams to support organisations targeting the UK, exploiting the London, Geneva and Brussels triangle of influence.

Our focus is on helping clients cut through the noise by creating excellent content, both written and visual, and ensuring it is delivered to the key audiences in the most effective and timely way.

Key Contact

Charlie Pryor

Phone +44 20 3997 1700

2 Kingdom Street
London W2 6BD