Norway is a very attractive market for international companies and organisations. And Leidar is well placed to help advocacy and branding campaigns both inside and outside Norway.

What we do

The country plays an increasingly important role in shaping sustainability thinking and driving impact investment on a global scale. Because the SDGs are the foundation of Norway’s policy making, we help companies and organisations maximise the potential of their SDG work. The start-up scene in Oslo is flourishing, and impact investment is changing the Norwegian financial landscape.

The Government Pension Fund is the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund and investor. The wealth from careful management of energy resources have enabled Norway to become a big contributor to many international organisations. The country therefore has more influence than its small population suggests.

With offices in the heart of Oslo, Leidar knows what is happening in Norway.

The combination of our bilingual team in Norway and our international team in Brussels, London, Geneva and Dubai, means we are the perfect fit to help you enter the Norwegian market, position and profile yourself in Norway, or use Norway as your springboard to position yourself abroad.