Meeting programmes, events, networking and relationship building, and intelligence gathering are fundamental to lobbying and stakeholder engagement. Operating in our new Covid-19 reality means that more of these traditional activities have and will be moved online.

As political stakeholders come to terms with the new reality for advocacy and communications, it is vital that they sense check and upgrade their digital strategy and capabilities to ensure they remain front and centre of relevant political conversations.

Leidar combines strategic and creative thinking with a deep practical understanding of the digital and political environment. Our extensive experience of building and implementing successful online campaigns makes us well placed to help you navigate through these uncertain and transitionary times.

Through social media, to websites and webinars, animation and graphic tools, to deep listening influencer mapping, and intelligence-led monitoring and analysis, our team knows that digital lobbying and stakeholder engagement is about delivering the right message via the right medium to the right person.

Whether you are a trade association, corporate or NGO, Leidar can help you with your digital sense check and upgrade by doing the following:

  • Leveraging our deep listening tools and proprietary methodology to identify the influencers that really matter
  • Listening actively to online conversations, the media landscape and key stakeholders to understand the underlying currents
  • Access to and regular updates from the relevant institutions
  • Auditing your existing digital lobbying and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Reviewing and upgrading your existing advocacy strategy to maximise your activities through online engagement
  • Providing tailored training and mentoring to upskill your team, including meeting facilitation
  • Creation of digital first content as part of an integrated solution to meet your organisations objectives
  • Campaign planning and implementation, including measurement and evaluation tools.

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