Leaders of any organisation may find themselves in the spotlight without being prepared. Leidar provides executives and communications professionals with the coaching, knowledge, skills and tools they need to enhance their leadership and communication capabilities. Our trainers are subject matter experts with extensive C-suite experience, who train executives and lecture at leading international universities.

We deliver relevant and actionable sessions that participants can implement immediately within their organisations.

The coronavirus pandemic has actually freed up time for some people now they are obliged to work from home. This can be an ideal time for training and upskilling, to be prepared for working much more in an online world.

All our training is designed to deliver maximum organisational impact and be fully customisable to participants’ needs. Training can be conducted over Microsoft Teams for excellent video and content sharing, or across other preferred platforms. We believe in working together with client teams to co-create curricula in order to ensure full relevance and alignment with organisational objectives.

Key areas of expertise

  • Advocacy training and capacity building
  • Media training
  • Crisis training and preparedness
  • Social media management training and upskilling
  • Executive coaching
  • Storytelling training
  • Writing skills

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