During any crisis, including the coronavirus pandemic, leadership skills play a critical role. Leidar offers a wide range of personal training and coaching for leaders and executives.

We focus our coaching on delivering the highest impact for both individuals and the organisations they represent. Our coaching can either be done over several days in a short time span or on a regular basis, using whichever platform suits you best.

Personal training and coaching

  • Develop individual interview and influencing techniques
  • Enhance and improve presentation skills
  • Ongoing coaching and development
  • Media training: the basics for setting the agenda and developing a narrative

Positioning and refining content

  • Develop the senior manager agenda to be used in creating the right first impression and as a platform for dialogue
  • Develop key messages and proof points to be used for presentations and interviews
  • Identify strong points and areas for enhancement
  • Identify pitfalls and subjects to avoid

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