With social distancing in place around the world, Covid-19 has pushed meetings online in a way we have never seen before. We can help you moderate and facilitate productive online meetings, events, and customer conversations.

Online meetings and processes have distinct advantages compared to in-person meetings:

  • They are easier to organise.
  • They are more cost-effective, both because they often require less time and no travel and accommodation costs.
  • They can be more iterative than traditional in-person workshops because it’s easier to arrange multiple, shorter meetings which can deliver a better end result.
  • You can leverage both the input in groups, and more reflective individual input through one-on-one meetings or emails between the workshops.

So, in fact, a digital online process can deliver the desired result more efficiently, at a lower cost, and with higher quality than a traditional workshop involving travel and in-person meetings.

To make the online processes work, we go through several steps and careful preparation:

  1. We agree the desired outcome with the project owner.
  2. Then we develop slides using tried and tested methodologies for securing the right outcomes.
  3. We conduct a detailed review of agenda and working process with the project owner.
  4. We make sure the workshop has a clear agenda, a detailed time plan and often share a pre-read with the participants to help them prepare.
  5. We moderate the workshop using the appropriate tools. Our preferred solutions for smaller groups is Microsoft Teams, where we can use video and work online in PowerPoint or other documents.
  6. We document the discussion live so slides become like a flipchart.
  7. Immediately after the meeting, we refine the outcome and share it with the meeting participants together with next steps.

It is important to have a good moderator who is able to listen, knows the objective and can lead the group towards the desired outcome.

For more complex processes, we may use several consultants and divide the role of the note taker and moderator. We may also have a third consultant preparing minutes in real time, so they are available immediately after the meeting.

If you consider the cost of a senior group of leaders being together for several hours, it may be a good investment to involve seasoned consultants for support to improve the meeting outcome.

When it comes to stakeholder engagement and customer meetings, external moderation and support can make the difference between successful outcomes or frustrating experiences.

Leidar can work with you to deliver a number of different types of meetings:

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