Due to Covid-19, these are highly uncertain times with internal changes, external regulations and market fluctuations.

The first phase of the situation has been to focus on the consequences of the coronavirus crisis as well as the practicalities of adapting to the situation.

This stressful period will pass, but how long will it take?

While it is important that you focus on handling the situation internally and externally day by day, it is also essential to plan for the time after, to be up and running quickly when everything returns to a ‘new normal’ beyond Covid-19.

When the crisis is over, you will also be measured on how well you handled the situation.

This will be based on what you did business wise, as well as how well you communicated internally and externally in this demanding period.

It is therefore important that you:

  1. Ensure business as usual where that is possible
  2. Regularly benchmark your business with others in your industry for best practice. What are others doing that you can do? What can you learn from them?
  3. Develop three scenarios for the situation and keep them updated: best-case, worst-case and most likely
  4. Develop a communication strategy for each scenario, so you can act rapidly as events develop

Leidar has a methodology for crisis management and scenario development. Our senior consultants have experience for staking out a course and helping you navigate the unchartered waters ahead.

This will help you to be prepared while spending as little time on it as possible.

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