Why do you need a North Star and Narrative?

In a society where the competition for attention is increasing, digital media is flourishing and peoples’ attention span is diminishing, a distinct, bold and unique narrative is essential to breaking through the clutter.

A good narrative builds on the North Star of the organisation and tells the combined story of your vision, mission, values and purpose.

The North Star and the narrative should be durable and created through a careful analysis and thought process.

The entire process can be conducted online.

North Star

Leidar can help you review and update your North Star through online workshops together with your leadership team. The workshop can be delivered in one go or though several iterations with shorter workshops of one to two hours.

If it is a matter of creating a new North Star, either because you do not have one or because conditions for your business have changed radically, then we recommend the following process:

  1. Prepare workshop with the project leader (2-4 hours)
  2. Review and discuss with leadership team (consider vision, mission, values and purpose) the first initial draft (2-3 hours)
  3. Refine and share draft
  4. Final review with leadership team: agree North Star (1-2 hours)

What will be the outcome of the North Star workshop?

  • A vision statement with supporting text
  • A mission statement with supporting text
  • Values, clearly defining the behaviours we seek
  • Purpose statement
  • A visually strong PowerPoint presentation describing all the above


The components of the narrative will be dynamic and may be adapted to support campaigns and initiatives with very clear:

  • Call-to-action (headline)
  • Themes (memorable logic)
  • Messages (focused on needs)
  • Facts (building credibility of the messages)
  • Stories (bringing messages to life)
  • Soundbites (adding punch and drawing attention)

How will we establish the narrative?

  1. Find the essence of your North Star (vision, mission, values, purpose and overall story)
  2. Define the headline: a clear call to action
  3. Define the logic through memorable themes
  4. Identify stakeholders
  5. Identify the issues and needs for the stakeholders
  6. Develop messages that respond to the needs
  7. Identify stories that support the messages
  8. Craft stories around person, situation, problem and solution
  9. Identify facts that back your messages
  10. Craft soundbites that support the facts using Hey, You, See and So

What will be the outcome of the narrative workshop?

  • A draft narrative
  • Updated profile statement that can be used for website etc.
  • Documentation from the workshop and conversations

Please contact us to find out more.