The Perfect Storm

Analysing the current developments, we have a series of unique observations to make about the business landscape that will be emerging. Organisations are likely to be facing four big challenges in the coming months, areas that have come together in a perfect storm.

In meteorology, the term perfect storm is used to describe an unusually severe storm that results from a rare combination of weather-related phenomena all happening at the same time. The term is now used as an analogy of an event in which a rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the impact of the event.

Four challenges:

  • Covid-19
  • Economic downturn
  • Sustainability
  • Political stability (the new Europe)


Taken individually, many organisations would be able to cope with some of these challenges: but together they present an unparalleled set of challenges to business and economic continuity.


Organisations everywhere will have to rethink many aspects of their positioning and check whether they are suitably prepared to emerge from this period with their reputations intact.

  • How well are companies prepared for this new situation?
  • How will they emerge once the current Covid-19 lockdowns will be lifted?
  • What can companies do now to strengthen their position?


We can help you prepare for this new situation.



Leidar has developed a new analysis tool, Storm Navigator, to discover the issues your company will face. This allows us to work with you to develop a structured approach to prioritise the issues, manage the risks and identify business opportunities.

We offer the following Storm Navigator analysis programme:

  1. Our proprietary assessment of your challenges and issues. A trend analysis based on in-house research using market data coupled with an expert interpretation from senior consultants with expertise in crisis and issues management, corporate communications, sustainability, climate change, and company preparedness.
  2. Engagement with your company. An interview session together with two senior consultants during which Leidar will run through the perfect storm issues analysis and undertake a detailed preparedness check with you.
  3. Your own assessment. We will use the first part of the interview workshop to assist you in identifying issues, assessing their relative importance, and mapping them against our proprietary landscape analysis using an interactive analytical tool to guide the interview. What do you see as the main challenges, and opportunities, across the four quadrants? How does your company rank the issues?
  4. Your company preparedness. The second part of the interview will focus on perceived preparedness. How well are you prepared for the challenges? How are you organised to respond? What short-, medium- and long-term analysis is your company already undertaking? How is the workforce engaged in this process?


What are the benefits?

Your company will receive a current market and issues analysis and an opportunity to test your company’s preparedness with senior experts from Leidar.

Our analysis is based upon a tested audit mechanism whereby we discuss with you a series of key questions covering your organisation’s stance in each of these areas.

Based on the outcome of the first analysis, we will be able to provide you with a plan of actions to take the analysis further.

  • Challenges and opportunities assessment – a series of planning sessions to work through the challenges your company will face in a post Covid-19 landscape. How will it prepare to deal with the impact of these challenges, and be ready to benefit from opportunities that will arise?
  • Competitive peer analysis and benchmark – how do other companies use this period to prepare themselves for the new situation? Further market research to show what other companies in the sector are doing, and how well you compare to your peers.
  • Company context alignment – a series of interviews with senior management in the company to establish whether and to what extent the senior leadership is aligned on the issues, and the way they should prepare for them.
  • Company positioning – develop the company positioning on the material issues, achieve collective internal support, write policy statements, and external positioning material.


Please get in touch to find out more.

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