SDGs: Big conversations inspire

June 24, 2016

In the words of one of the keynotes at the SDG Leadership Seminar, Dr. David Nabarro, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, “There is no Plan B, and there is no Planet B.”

His comments inspired the more than 300 people who were gathered at the SDG Lead event in Oslo early June. For me the SDG Leadership Seminar was again evidence that a big conversation inspire leaders to create change.

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Leaders are hatched when they find their North Star. When they meet leaders who have walked the road less travelled before them. When they feel the responsibility they have, and when they see the power they have to create a world better than they were born into.

Big conversations inspire leaders because they address the difficult questions and show that work in progress is better than not starting at all. Listening to peers and people they admire inspires leaders to do more. To not only lead the way, but pave new ways.

Big conversations inspire leaders because they bring the right people together. On your right hand side sits a person you’ve wanted to meet. On your left hand side is a person you would have never otherwise met. Perhaps an academic whose book you read last year or a young leader with a twinkle in her eye who reminds you that the world is ours to fix for generations to come.

Big conversations inspire because they lead to smaller conversations that create change. Leaders shake hands and agree to commitments, business cards are exchanged for an informal coffee that may lead to partnerships and with a good event hashtag the conversation will thrive on twitter for weeks to come.

Our future starts now and leaders must come together to drive change:


(Photo from SDG event in Oslo: Erik Krafft)