Often you will need stakeholder support to get to where you want to be. Advocacy is about gathering support for your point of view on a particular topic to shape decisions and outcomes. It is about developing and executing communications strategies to influence and shape public or stakeholder opinion around a topic, issue, event, or set of circumstances. If you are successful, you inspire advocates for your cause.

Social media and digital communications make the process of influencing public and stakeholder opinion much more open. But this opportunity is also set against the growing complexity of the issues faced in an interconnected and increasingly volatile world. The multiplication of actors, influencers and decision-makers also makes it more difficult to cut-through the noise.

Leidar has successfully developed and executed comprehensive advocacy and stakeholder engagement strategies and campaigns for leading NGOs, corporations and organisations.

We also run an executive diploma course in international advocacy at the Graduate Institute, Geneva.

We help organisations around the world prepare for, manage, and communicate around crises – to protect their people, assets and reputation.

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Advocacy campaigns can encompass:

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