A company’s or organisation’s best ambassadors are its employees. Only a few of them are official spokespeople but they all talk to people outside the organisation. That could be someone from accounts talking to a customer, or the receptionist welcoming the CEO of your biggest client. It is therefore essential every employee says the right things.

At Leidar, we understand how to integrate internal communications with all your other communications channels and, importantly, within the overarching strategy.

Every channel has different requirements, of course. It is important to be particularly sensitive when communicating with employees because you are talking about their jobs, and your business depends on them. The other sensitivity is that it is very easy to make information public.

We know how to strike the right balance to satisfy those three requirements.

We help organisations around the world prepare for, manage, and communicate around crises – to protect their people, assets and reputation.

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Internal communications can encompass:

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