Conferences and events provide excellent opportunities to raise both companies’ and individuals’ profiles. That’s why companies buy exhibition space, advertising at events or secure speaking opportunities.

In some cases, speaking slots are also part of sponsorship packages. However, as with the media, there is often strict separation of editorial and advertising, meaning conference organisers want the very best speakers regardless of their ability – or willingness – to pay.

As with all communications, the right content is paramount, and it has to be tailored to suit the particular event. Too often, presenters simply talk about their company or organisation, forgetting that the audience wants to hear their thoughts and ideas, not how many offices they have and where. That is why speaking opportunities are often linked to thought leadership.

It is also important to select the right events, with the right audiences. Often, that selection comes down to the experience of having been to similar events in the past.

We help you select the right events for your executives and help you prepare the content. That preparation is, of course, informed by the strategy.

We also help our clients run their own events: event planning, agenda development, speaker coordination, website design, speech writing, presentation design and, crucially, ensuring the right people attend.

We help organisations around the world prepare for, manage, and communicate around crises – to protect their people, assets and reputation.

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Speaking platforms can encompass:

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