Set your course

A clear destination and direction define the journey towards business success. Leidar is the Norse name for the North Star. With a bright North Star we lay the foundation for successful navigation and engaging communications.

Strategic framework

A strategic framework with distinct vision, mission and values can create the right engagement in your organization and strong support from stakeholders. All businesses and organisations should update their strategic framework from time to time.

Leadership changes, market developments, corporate mergers or spin-offs are all good reasons to re-align strategy.

Our role is to listen, guide the process and document – so the top executives and management teams agree on a common direction: the North Star.  We have the experience and processes to ensure excellent results.

Communication platform

Businesses are in many ways similar to individuals. They come from somewhere; they are on their way to something.  The journey and the destination are the big story. It should be inspired by the North Star and deliver a logical narrative on both the past and the future. The stronger the relationship between what we have achieved and our ambitions, the more credible we are.

For storytelling to be effective, it must be part of a larger narrative. We establish an overarching message, themes, supporting messages, and facts and stories that together create a powerful narrative: the communication platform.

Visual identity

A distinct, unique and appealing visual identity creates immediate associations and emotions. Our designers are experts at understanding strategy and create design solutions that stand out. Interactive media should be designed alongside the visual identity. The visual identity is the basis for how to be both uniform and distinct in all channels.