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We have just produced a report which looks at the different patterns of social media engagement among leading companies and organisations in Geneva.

While almost all companies surveyed have a presence and are “out there”, not many seem to be leading the dialogue and effectively engaging with their audiences. Part of the issue, we concluded, lies in strategies which are purely driven by reach and impression and which look at success from an exclusively quantitative standpoint. The other key aspect is organisational readiness to engage.

The analysis reveals three distinct organisational patterns of social media engagement, which we have envisaged as three personality types: a Minimalist, a Storyteller and a Pioneer. They all describe distinct behavioural patterns that drive strategies and engagement.

We believe that identifying these patterns helps companies to make a realistic assessment of their digital strategies and we work with them to ensure that they are best placed to capitalise on the opportunities that the new digital environment offers.

To discover whether you are a Minimalist, a Storyteller and a Pioneer, view the report.

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