Henrik Stenberg

Henrik Stenberg

Henrik is an intern at Leidar and works on content production, media monitoring and research.

He has completed the internationally recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma at the boarding school the United World College (UWC) RCN in Western Norway. At the UWC, Henrik gained in-depth understanding of cross-cultural communication and its importance.

Prior to joining Leidar, he was selected to sit on the Norwegian Uprisen’s nomination committee to choose the five best youth books of the year 2015. In addition, he has been a board member of his local political youth party where he worked on social media and planning of events. As part of this, he was selected as the youngest member to the prestigious talent programme of his county where the members were schooled in media strategy, politics, and resolution writing.

Attending the UWC, Henrik instructed his peers in subjects ranging from Mathematics and Economics to Environmental Systems and Societies. He also headed the college’s weekly Study Hall. Henrik will be commencing his university studies after the summer.

Phone: +47 93 69 06 40
henrik, stenberg / leidar, com