Hilde Holmesland

Hilde Holmesland

Hilde is an experienced production manager from the film and television industry.

Hilde works mainly with finance, planning and progress in the projects. She ensures seamless execution of the projects, through thorough planning in the initial phase, and good follow-up during filming and in the after-work phase. She also keeps track of the production capacity for the various projects.

Hilde has previously been a producer and co-owner of the production company Byggeklosser DA, worked as a researcher and production manager in NRK, and as project manager at a casting agency.

Hilde is a trained cultural project manager with specialization in television from Lillehammer University College, as well a film and television production manager from NISS (now Westerdals Oslo School of Arts).


Phone: +47 911 78 990
hilde, holmesland / leidar, com