Mari Finnestad

Mari is director and scriptwriter, with over 17 years of experience in the movie and television industry.

In recent years she has been responsible for over 100 movies for both private and public clients, including The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, Oslo Municipality, Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers, Aschehoug Publishing House and many, many more.

Prior to her time at Leidar, she worked mostly in television, and was rewarded with the award Gullruten for her efforts. She had been employed by TV2 for several years, and had the pleasure of making a series of entertainment series that brought her to Namibia, Uganda, Cambodia and the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and South Africa.

Mari is a graduate with Master of Arts in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester,  with emphasis on history, social Anthropology and comparative Politics.


Phone: +47 970 80 096
mari, finnestad / leidar, com