Morten Woldsdal

Morten Woldsdal

Norway engagement

Morten leads Leidar’s operations in Norway and is one of Norway’s leading communications experts. He has worked for a wide range of Norwegian and international companies, organisations, individuals and families, where communications strategies and management have been decisive in achieving the desired results.

Morten assists his clients in building and maintaining their reputation and values. Media strategy and management are often the common themes in this work. His clients are primarily chairmen, CEOs, managing directors and communications directors. Morten advises them on strategy, message development and the practical handling of key stakeholders. These typically include clients, media, political figures and authorities, shareholders and analysts, as well as internal audiences.

Before Morten started in Leidar Consulting, he had been managing partner and senior partner of Kreab Gavin Anderson Oslo and 20/20 Communications (merged with Kreab in 2009) for nine years. He also started Woldsdal & Partnere, now named JKL Oslo, in 1998.

Morten has also been Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications at Statoil, as well as a financial journalist in two of the largest daily newspapers in Norway, Dagens Næringsliv and Aftenposten.

Phone: +47 908 55 672
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