Rebecca Sharples

Junior Designer

Rebecca is an all-around creative thinker with an avid interest in branding and design. She explores links between elements to produce clever, thought-provoking responses to briefs. After studying Graphics and Digital Design at the University of Greenwich, she branched into multiple facets of the creative industries. She is an experienced designer, illustrator, animator and copywriter, and prides herself in delivering outstanding creative solutions to each brief. Her experience working with brands such as Disneyland Paris and Hive gives her a thorough understanding of strategic and creative processes, which is evident through her disciplined design practice.

Never one to sit still, Rebecca is always keen to learn new skills and hobbies, including acting, singing, playing the violin, German, hiking and boxing. She loves getting involved in new experiences and spent much of her university career raising money for charity and helping to run the games, radio and events societies.

rebecca, sharples / leidar, com