Rolf Olsen

Rolf is passionate about helping clients find their North Star and developing narratives that connect. He launched Leidar in 2010 and continues to lead the company as CEO.  He is Honorary General Consul for Norway in Geneva and Canton Vaud; a non executive director of several companies and organisations; and is teaching regularly at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Before setting up Leidar, he was CEO Continental Europe of Weber Shandwick. He held executive positions at both European and global level for two American Fortune 50 companies; first with Digital Equipment Corporation and then with Motorola.

Since he moved to Geneva, he has lived and worked in both UK and USA.  In Norway he had a varied career as the Marketing Communications Manager for Digital; night editor in the daily newspaper Nationen; Public Relations Manager at the Norwegian Association of Disabled Persons; information officer at the Norwegian Ministry of Defense (military service) and one of the political parties working the Norwegian Parliament.

Phone: +41 79 250 7074
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