Ronald Jorgensen

Ronald Jørgensen

Ronald is strategic designer and adviser. Ronald has more than 25 years of experience in design and design management, especially in identity design and developing communication concepts. He has a strong sense of visual design and communication strategies, while being a highly competent writer.

He is passionate about how design can help businesses and organizations achieve their main goals, and has over the last years focused on sustainability. With his expertise, Ronald has assisted leading actors in business, museum, public sector, child welfare, fisheries and healthcare, banks and various municipalities. He has a customer portfolio such as Anno Museum, Choice, Hans Børli Jubilee, Klokkergård Foundation, Kongsvinger Region, KS Company, Norsk Bilsport, Norsk Byggkeramikforening, Odal Sparebank, Skretting, Scanvacc, Sørlandets Hospital, Sport1, SG Armaturen.   

For several years, Ronald was the general manager of an award winning design agency in Kristiansand. In 2002 he became information manager at Eidskog municipality. Ronald was employed as creative leader and graphic designer in Gandalf Communication, which in 2012 became Leidar. He has over the years received a number of awards for his work. Ronald has a typographical and design background from Larvik Vocational School, studied idea development at Westerdals Schools of Communication and is an authorized graphic designer.


Phone: +47 992 66 281
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