Ronny Ellefsen

Head of user experience design

Ronny Ellefsen is an award-winning multi-media designer, project manager and usability expert whose work focuses on the intersection of information architecture and immersive digital content. He is our lead on user experience design.

After finishing his degree at Birmingham City University, Ronny briefly returned to Norway to work as a multimedia designer. After two years he relocated to the UK. Over the last 15 years, Ronny has focused his attention to creating user friendly interactive solutions for the museum & heritage sector, healthcare, finance etc. designing interactive experiences for some of the most prestigious organisations around the world.

He moved to Zürich in 2010 and continued to work independently. As of September 2016 he is employed by Leidar to lead our design of interactive media and creation of integrated communication solutions with both outstanding written and visual content. He is also our first employee in Zürich, where we plan to expand our operation over time.

Phone: +41 78 951 26 68
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