Teresa Bergerud

Teresa is an experienced art director with background from product- and graphic design.

Teresa assists customers with evaluating and illustrating the visual footprints by combining her sense of aesthetics, market understanding and knowledge and understanding of trends and tendencies. In 2003 she started the design company Gulberg Design together with Ida Huse Gulbrandsen. Before Teresa started at Leidar in 2015, she worked as Design Manager at Magnor Glassverk for seven years. She has designed and developed a range of glassware and products both alone and with some of Norway’s top designers. She was also given the honor of designing the goblets for the World Ski Championships in Oslo in 2011.  

Teresa has a Cand. Mag. in product design from Akershus University College.


Phone: +47 400 69 053
teresa, bergerud / leidar, com