Theresa Parenteau

Theresa A. Parenteau

Employee Engagement

Theresa Parenteau brings international experience in global and regional communication roles, both at agencies and at some of the world’s largest technology companies including Digital/Compaq/Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Nokia.

In her seven-year tenure at Nokia (New York and London), Theresa held global communications leadership roles for two business units, and established and led an executive communications role for the Chief Development Officer. These roles included responsibility for communicating with employees as well as external audiences, covering corporate strategic direction and narrative, business unit strategy, execution and results.

Her work heavily emphasized employee engagement, motivation, strategic understanding, corporate culture and values, and change – using a variety of communications technologies, channels and creative methods to engage employees at all levels and parts of the organization, regardless of their country or function.

In her role overseeing employee and executive communications for Nokia’s largest (US $11 Bn) and most profitable business unit, Mobile Phones, she also contributed to the development and facilitation of the Communications Master Class for executives. This initiative focused on helping (often reluctant) managers to quickly develop their “voice” in order to communicate more authentically and credibly with their employees.

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