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  1. Innovate & inspire
    Leaders are expected to captain the ship and take the agency into the future. Your employees will expect you to focus on the big picture and innovation rather than what time they came to work in the morning. Share your vision with them so that everyone feels part of the same goal and most importantly, they know where the agency is going.
  2. Be accessible, but not overbearing
    Being available and accessible as a leader is so important. You want to ensure that you are there for your direct reports, especially when things become challenging, however you want to also give them autonomy and not micromanage. Striking a balance between these two is key.
  3. Treat people equally
    Sounds easy, but it’s harder to do in practice. Being fair and transparent in dealing with employees is the key to establishing leadership credibility and ensuring having harmony in the office. Nothing upsets employees more than seeing colleagues getting perceived preferential treatment.
  4. Maintain diversity in the workplace
    It’s important to have a good mix of nationalities in the workplace as each can bring a unique set of attributes to the table. It also ensures that the office is a fun environment where individuals of different backgrounds and cultures can feed off each other.
  5. Think about employee growth
    Never think for one minute that your employees are there for you or the brand. They are there to learn and better their careers at the same time. Ensure that you have a plan B for the most indispensable resources as well as growth opportunities for the rising stars. Growth also means leaving your agency for the client. Embrace this and they just might just become your client
  6. Make sure you value your junior resources
    Account executives can be some of the agency’s most valuable talent. They always end up being more client facing than you expect so they have to have the right environment to be successful. If they are overwhelmed and not looked after they will leave. Always make sure they enjoy coming to work and are learning and this starts by giving them good mentors.
  7. Fix mistakes quickly
    You can’t always hire the perfect employee. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss. If something is not working out don’t wait too long to take action as it can only cause more problems down the road. Too often companies don’t address the problem early and let bad hires negatively impact a cohesive team or office.
  8. Do small things that go a long way
    Agencies never have massive budgets or the great perks that big companies might have. Celebrate small events and occasions and this usually goes a long way. Luckily the element of surprise is on your side so do things that your employees won’t expect so you can surprise and delight without breaking the bank.
  9. Make people accountable
    Agency leaders need to do their jobs and take control of situations. Ensure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do and be clear and consistent with your instructions and decisions. Only become a leader if you are also ready to take tough decisions and never become overly emotional about situations. If you shy away from responsibility, some employees can become more entitled and upset group dynamics.
  10. Celebrate successes
    Most agency employees work way more than they should and are always under a lot of pressure. It’s always good to take a step back and say let’s celebrate this! Whether it’s a new business win or a job well done for a client. Don’t underestimate the impact of “spreading a bit of love” to your employees can have.
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