African business on the Norwegian agenda

Challenge: Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) are experiencing increased attention from Norwegian and international businesses. The challenge was how to position Norwegian-African business opportunities, NABA and increase awareness of the annual Nordic-African Business Summit, a conference that promotes business opportunities in Africa.

Solution: Over the past three years, Leidar has worked continuously with positioning NABA, the Summit, media relations, media monitoring and analysis to reach the right stakeholders. Leidar trained the NABA team in social media and media management. The result is an increasing media interest and articles in a large number of Norwegian and international publications including Finansavisen, Dagens Næringsliv, Aftenposten, Kapital, VG, Vårt Land, E24, NRK, CBC News, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

“Leidar has been a good media partner and supporter of NABA for several years, and we look forward to the ongoing cooperation. It is reassuring to know that we always have Leidar’s professional competence and knowledge to lean on. Our organization has been strengthened to manage an increasing media interest. The Leidar team is always there when we need them and fulfills all tasks with dedication. They act as they are a part of our in-house team.”

– Eivind Fjeldstad, CEO, NABA