Using film and social media to build personality


To transform Andreas Mikkelsen from a “Norwegian rally driver” to an “international sports personality”.


We created a relationship between the athlete and the audience by tearing down everything that separated them. Leidar was already responsible for Andreas Mikkelensen’s digital and social media accounts, and together with the award-winning author Christopher Grøndahl, our directors and content writers Thomas Malling and Thomas Selvaag, and master editor William Jobling, created a very powerful documentary about Andreas. The movie was launched to the global media together with a social media campaign.

It was very good Andreas, very touching. Believe. — Very humbling Film…loved it. — Very touching, you definitely have become a stronger person. — Very inspirational and enjoyable. I know you’ll be a champion soon!! — Respect for your honesty. — A fantastic story, it makes a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, but also a big smile. — Wow. That's some very personal things you spoke about. Thank you for sharing. — You really open your heart and it’s rare for a pilot!

— Fans' comments on Facebook about the movie “I am Andreas Mikkelsen”