Visual identity for Anno Museum and 24 visitor centres

One of Norway’s largest museums, Hedmark municipal museum, changed its name to Anno Museum. The museum consists of an administrative department with its own visual identity, and over 25 different museums.


The museum wanted a consistent and unifying profile that could actively be used by both small local museums and large national centres such as Norwegian Forestry Museum, the Aukrust Center and Kirsten Flagstad museum. They have a lot of employees, at the individual museums as well as in the administration that took part in the process.


We conducted rigorous research at museums in Norway and Europe to unveil how others have managed similar challenges. We conducted workshops will all the employees, executive team, and administration. Conclusions from the workshops, as well as a set strategy, created the foundation for a creative cooperation. The concept of “time” – a word that is essential in the museum industry – became the focus for the communication strategies and the visual solution.

The video below (in Norwegian) shows the process, the thoughts behind the visual identity and of course what it looks like.